Listing all the decks


So, Friday I picked up all the new Commander decks, yesterday I got together with some friends and we played a 3 hour game with them. Oh and in between I went to see Lacune Coil and got home at 1 am.

Hence I'm a tad tired. Today I plan on writing a few more deck lists in the Commander Project and chilling out. So far I've listed Thraximundar and Ghave. More soon.

Sundays and stuff


I had a productive Sunday, got up early and met a friend for Breakfast and Magic cards in the pub. Very relaxing. One of the plans with the Commander Project is to have a selection of decks to play. So I went with random picks and played Progenitous (which I'll write up soon), Olivia Valodaren and Roon of the Hidden Realm.

The Progentious deck did what it always does and made lots of random stuff... then summoned the big guy. The hords of vampires did well until they were all exiled, then it all went sideways. And Roon was doing OK until my opponent summoned Kozilek... Sigh.

This is how I remember it, I need to start making notes I think.

Anyway, then I came home, at about thetime I'd often get up on a Sunday, and finished my most recent game of Civ VI... Religious victories are hard. Then I finished sorting my card collection, built Erebos, God of the Dead and played some Elite Dangerous (didn't stream that, just wanted to chill).

So... all in all a nice relaxing day.

The Commander Project


So, I've been playing Magic the Gathering on and off since it launched in 1993. Recently I got back into it playing a format called Commander (or Elder Dragon Highlander) which I enjoy because it's generally less competetive and generally played multiplayer. One of the things I love about Magic is the card interactions and the way that the sum effect of having a selection in play far outstrips anyone of them. One of the things I love about Commander is the restrictions brought on by the colours you can use in a deck. Restrictions based on the Commander you use to play it.

I've long had an idea to build one of every possible colour combination of deck for Commander but have been put off by the fact that there are no valid 4 colour Commanders. Never in the history of Magic has there been a four colour Legendary Creature printed. Until now this year sees the release of a set of pre made Commander decks featuring not just 5 four colour Legendary Cretures but also 15 two colour creatures who can be played as partners for your commander.

So now I've got no excuse to not start The Commander Project and build all 32 possible Commander decks. My goal being to build and document each deck and make them fun to play and balanced. As is my way when I build decks for the format I will be focussing on decks which have a strong theme and lots of card interactions. Winning is a secondary goal, doing crazy stuff and then winning is the goal. Preferably winning by werid win cons or buy defeating every other player at once.

Should be fun.