Ramble blog


So I didn't blog yesterday, I had slept really badly and had a headache all day. I spent much of the day playing Valheim and dying a LOT.

It's punishing when you die far from home and all your good stuff was there, then you head out in your second best stuff and die again so not you're doing a corpse run in your pants...

I ended up bringing in my character from my local game to our shared server to save the day. Then he went exploring on my local game, found some Swamps and got killed by a leech. Ooops. Tonight I'll be fixing that.

Today I'm going to write a ramble blog, this is basically a post I will keep updaitng during the day as ideas come to me. My blog in my first coding job was like that. It got so good it was number one on search results for our company. Ooops again.

I'll look at the weekly challenge in a bit but firstly I need to buckle down on day one of my new contracting job.