Trying Pico-8


Lander Prototype So a while back I was told aoubt Pico-8 a "fantasy console" for making simple games with. As a Xmas present to myself I thought I'd get it and have a play about. One of the things I like about it is the constraints you have to work in mean you have to scale down your plans. Currently I'm working on making a Lunar Lander game. When it's slightly more workable I'll export the HTML version and you'll be able to play it. But until then the image here is a fully downloadable and playable copy of the game (if you have Pico-8), feel free to gasp at it's almosy uselessness.

It's got twinkly stars though, and some quite scary ground. Next up making the ground have a few landing spots. Then gravity. It's fun. And programming for fun is something I get to do so rarely these days as people prefer me to programme for money. Sigh. Pesky money.