Sundays and stuff


I had a productive Sunday, got up early and met a friend for Breakfast and Magic cards in the pub. Very relaxing. One of the plans with the Commander Project is to have a selection of decks to play. So I went with random picks and played Progenitous (which I'll write up soon), Olivia Valodaren and Roon of the Hidden Realm.

The Progentious deck did what it always does and made lots of random stuff... then summoned the big guy. The hords of vampires did well until they were all exiled, then it all went sideways. And Roon was doing OK until my opponent summoned Kozilek... Sigh.

This is how I remember it, I need to start making notes I think.

Anyway, then I came home, at about thetime I'd often get up on a Sunday, and finished my most recent game of Civ VI... Religious victories are hard. Then I finished sorting my card collection, built Erebos, God of the Dead and played some Elite Dangerous (didn't stream that, just wanted to chill).

So... all in all a nice relaxing day.