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19th December 2014

Trying to keep up with this. I used to write my blog like this, just have a days file open in an editor that I'd update during the day. I found it relaxing. I also had scripts to auto gen the files and stuff. That'll be next I think. Couple of days left at work until I start my Christmas holiday so I don't plan on doing a huge amount. Anything I start now won't be finished until the new year. We shall see.

17th December 2014

So after comming up with my plans for writing here more the evil cough I had got worse. I'm better now and plan to add more soon.

Yesterday was the Elite : Dangerous launch and the start of my new Roleplaying Campaign... I was torn but I went out and socialised, met a new friend and had fun. So it ended up well, trying to get into my new character who's a Liverpudlian Engineer and Son of Vulcan (it's a Scion game), it's the 1920's and he doesn't really fit in. But he also doesn't really care as long as he gets to build cars and guns he's happy as Larry.

Tonight though, back to Elite. I want to try Twitch Streaming again, mainly so I can then edit the highlights into neat You Tube videos :). Though I may also end up streaming with Rhiannon some games of Minecraft too. We'll see. Anyway, last night I tried out the fact that they've added pirates to Resource Extraction Sites (basically asteroid belts and ring systems) letting you bounty hunt while flying round space rocks. Didn't do much but I could see how it would make for a good video. I need to get the streaming setup. Tried it last night while flying home without a canopy and almost crashed when the video capture software I'm using took over the screen. Time to boot Raptr I think.

10th December 2014

The problem with my new plan to write about my travels in Elite : Dangerous is I'm generally playing the game and enjoying that. Also I've got a cruddy cough which isn't helping. Still it's one week to the official release and Frontier have annouced they aren't wiping the universe before the release so eveything in the current Gamma is valid. This has annoyed a bunch of people who failed to read some quite clear statements, personally I was working on the theory that they wouldn't wipe things unless there was a really bad bug. There have been a few exploits, and some things that aren't really exploits but some people are annoyed about. One of these is rare goods, tonight I plan on trading in some, with a trip lasting hundreds of light years travelling between five different planets shipping their exotic produce.

And probably shooting some naughty people on the way.

I started the game with a Kickstarter backer start position, a souped up trading Cobra and not much cash but a hold full of goods. I've spent the last few weeks doing some trading (badly), bounty hunting (better) and mining (much better) and souped it up even more. One of my plans for this evening is to upload some screen shots. I may also do some streaming on my twitch stream... if I'm not coughing too much.

Before I tired my hand at Rare goods trading (were you get some goods and then if you can sell them hundreds of light years away the profits are enormous) I also tried my hand at fighting in a combat zone... That could have gone better. As I say, I'm flying a tooled up Bounty Hunting / Trading Cobra (occasionally when the fancy takes me I swap some thing around to do some mining). But it's not military spec, the hull is still the basic composite, partly due to weight but mainly due to price. Though the weight is a factor, I like being able to jump 20Ly with a 32 ton cargo load. And hold my own against any pirate who gets in my way. But the ships at the warzones have military grade weapons and armour. I took down a few Cobras then ended up tangling with a Federation Drop Ship which ended up with me on 32% Hull, my screen blown up running like crazy to the nearest station. Which I made with five minutes of air left. Once again it reminded my how good the sound is in the game, when your screen blows out all the extra sounds the ship adds to help you pilot (shots, other ships engines and the like) go away. But you can still hear your ship, muted through the vibrations, and the ships computer talking to you. I had a bit of my HUD but most of it was blown away and I was flying by dead reckoning. It's at times like that I remember why I'm so addicted to the game.

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