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4th September 2014

So following one from my thoughts on games yesterday I had some thoughts on the Orken... including a new name. See below.

Also slapped a few ideas together for how the site will work, static pages for the speed win.

First up, the name, they call themselves Hrrraga, which means the people. To the citizens of Traynor they are the Horde. A rampaging wave of furred and clawed death the sweeps down every generation killing and pillaging all in it's wake. The tales say that even the youngest member of the Horde is a merciless killing machine. They say that the Horde raids for the fun of it and to sate their taste for the flesh of other thinking creatures. Some tales tell of giant Horde members brutish beasts pushed into battle, striking out at all who stand in their way.

These tales hold an element of truth, but don't tell the whole story.

The Hrrraga grow throughout their entire lives, and also suffer from bouts of rage which get worse as the age. If a Hrrraga lives long enough they are shambling beasts, incapable of even their rudimentary language. They have very little in the way of culture, and breed prodigously, children are born in litters of 6-10 and a female Hrrraga can bear 3 litters a year. The children are left to fend for themselves after a few weeks, most survive to adult hood. This causes ferocious pressures for food when enough Hrrraga have been born a Horde arises sweeping forth looking for new land.

The tragedy of the Hrrraga is that before the Cataclysm there were a peaceful race, their world was a violent place and they fought to defend themselves but the rages they are known for didn't happen and ancient Hrrraga could be found leading clans to perform great works. But after the cataclysm a parasitic worm found on the world of the Ant Men found a new host, now all the Hrrraga are born with the worm that eats at their brains as they grow older. Eventually their brains are so damaged the Hrrraga is nothing more than a shambling beast.

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