Last nights Commander


There are times when the world is an unmitigated cess pool of crap. Where the people who run our lives are lying evil bastards...

Not sure where I was going with that, except for to say that at these times being able to site down with friends and play some games is always nice. Having a random chap in the pub shake your hand for having an awesome t-shirt is cool too (my Game of Thrones Christmas T-shirt in this case).

Anyway, I took 6 of my more recent Commander decks to the pub to meet up with the usual suspects for the first time in a couple of weeks. A dice roll before we started picked Kozilek as my weapon of choice. The deck performed quite well, but was taken down because it turns out summoning Kozilek and giving him Darksteel Plate and Lightning Greaves makes him a bit of a threat. Still fun was had an some things learnt.

Mainly I need to focus the deck more, get some more artifact creatures in and some removal. I am thinking on looking at that deck and Breya making Breya more focussed on Energy, pulling in some cards from Kaladesh and the upcoming Aether Revolt. (I do hope they keep Energy in that), while moving some of the Artifacts from her deck to Kozilek.

Then before leaving myself and the yougest of our cohort Luca had a one of one battle where I tried out Ruric Thar. The deck was as much fun as I thought it would be bringing out massive stompy creaures and Thar has the chilling effect I hoped for. Tips for playing it include makde sure I pump Thar as much as possible (I Scavenged a DeadBridge Goliath onto the wrong target) and I need more Trample Brawn and Nylea may be required.

Still lots of fun was had and that's the important thing in these trying times. More soon. Have fun.