Notable Locations in the Second Republic


The first and still largest settlement in the Second Republic Reclamation is one of the first places explorers from the First Republic docked and managed to establish a foothold. Now just over a hundred years later it's a bustling city where you can find anything you might need. All the major organisations have a presence here and people from Reclamation tend to view the rest of the Republic as the provinces. The chamber of representatives for the Second Republic sits here with regular communications tihe the chamber in the First Republic maintained using recovered magic from the Empire. On any given day there's a good chance a ships will be arriving or setting of on the month long journey to the First Republic.


Known as "The Edge of the Wilds" for a number of years Waddington was the furthest north of Reclamation anyone has successfully lived for any length of time. For years it was under siege by various dark hordes but last last attack, a Zombie horde led by the Necromancer Dakron the Black, was 15 years ago and the city has started to relax. Farmsteads have started to spread out from it, but the farmers make sure thay can make the safety of the walls of Waddington if need be. Whilst not as populous as Reclamation there is a thriving market in many items of interest to adventurers, you just might need to know how to ask.

The Rookery

Formed by the Rooks this fortress is their base of operations in the wilds north of Waddington.

New Trevallis

Often just called Trevallis. MORE SOON