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A more fleshed out thought.

Saying nothing. Do bi do bi do.

Saying nothing. Do bi do bi do.

Magic : Why I don’t use proxies

Hey look. A blog post. I’m in shock. How about you? Over the years I’ve played a number of CCG’s. I enjoy the whole deck creation and then see what other people come up with aspects of it. I started … Continue reading

Story : Tattoo

For your delectation Did I ever tell you about my tattoo? You’ve got a tattoo? Where? I mean, I thought I’d seen all of you. Heh. Yeah… well it was a few years ago. While I was in Chile. Right, … Continue reading


So, what with one thing or another I’ve not written here in a while. This is partly because I tend to randomly spew a lot of my mind onto Twitter and from there to Facebook, and at some point to … Continue reading

Short sharp shock

Ok. I’m a bit hungover, and I’ve been hinting at stuff for a week now. For those of you who don’t know, Polli and I have split up. She’s in the process of moving stuff to her new flat. Not … Continue reading

On forums

Here’s a little thought, I was going to tweet it but it’s a bit too big for that. See here’s the thing, I understand when you’re on a chat system or IM you type fast and don’t worry too much … Continue reading

Shameless Plug

Little known fact, I have no shame when it comes to plugging stuff I like. Mainly because I find it easier to talk to people about stuff if they know what I’m talking about. Hence I shall now plug the … Continue reading


Well the blog is back up, and this weekend I plan to do some work on back ups so if I do screw the server up again I’ll be able to bring it back. Please note the design is going … Continue reading

Back with added not breaking

Look ma! No History. Sigh A month or so ago I did something a bit dumb, a thus stuffed up the VPS I run this server on. My dumbness was compounded by my failure to back up the site. So … Continue reading