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Ghave’s Cards

So here’s an idea I’ve been bouncing about for a bit which is a breakdown of my favourite Magic deck. This being my Commander deck. So here is the current deck list, I’m going to cover some of the cards … Continue reading

Ok Ok.

I’m going to start work on I Can Has XP again. To whet you appetite here’s some random text from it: One of the major failings with the Ubermind’s plan to protect the world from the Alien menace is that … Continue reading

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Interview with Ghave.

“Hi there sports fans, this is Dan Kretinsky here on Commander beat. We’re all waiting for the new recruits from the plane of Innistrad to join up for this seasons Commander games and today we have a special interview with … Continue reading


Wait I said what? That I’d write more here? Wow. Ok well how’s this for an idea, I’ll start writing stuff about my rekindled playing of Magic? No? Well that’s alright my imaginary reader, was you’re real anyway it’s all … Continue reading

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Short pimpage post

More soon but here’s a quick post Iain Lowson who’s a great chap recently released Dark Harvest : The Legacy of Frankenstian and has been running a couple of Competions, one to win a signed copy of the book (which … Continue reading

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Mental note

Ok me. I’m on holiday next week so the big fight scene we were running last night won’t be finished for two weeks.. a few things to remember: There’s one Gutter runner left, for some reason the PC’s have been … Continue reading
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Tidying up

One of the most visited pages on my site (and there’s stuff on here going back over 10 years if you know where to look) is the section about MI8. I think a lot of this might be be people … Continue reading

The day today

Well I’m off to GUGS in a sec, I may try posting something from there via my phone app, just to see if it works really. There’s a Gugathon that can run late and I might get a game of … Continue reading
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