Wait I said what? That I’d write more here? Wow. Ok well how’s this for an idea, I’ll start writing stuff about my rekindled playing of Magic? No? Well that’s alright my imaginary reader, was you’re real anyway it’s all good. As for my other imaginary reader who thinks reading deck design ideas from a gibbering moron is great, you go right ahead.

Curse of MisfortuneAnyway, Dark Ascension is almost upon us and the whole spoiler list is out. As is my wont I took a look over it to see what improbable deck ideas I could tease out of it. I am (I think, ah self knowledge where are though) what in magic terms you’d call a Johnny, I like taking the weirder cards and pushing the envelope with them.

When I saw Curse of Misfortune I thought, “That looks interesting” combined with Curse of Thirst and you have damage per turn. Those two together and you’re doing 2 damage a turn, but what if you add some more? With the addition of Dark Ascension you have 11 curses altogether including the quite fun Curse of Bloodletting that doubles the damage from your Curse of Thirst. So that was my first thought, put at least one copy of each Curse into the deck. My second thought was to not put Curse of the Nightly Hunt in the last thing you want is to force people to hit you. This does make the deck 4 colour but actually you’re only really interested in Black, if you draw any of the other curses you really want some way of getting them back into your deck. Plus you want to be able to stay alive long enough to start the cursing.

Well my first thought for this was Elixir of Immortality combining life gain with deck cycling to hold off your opponents while you get ready. Of course you have to get the Curses in the graveyard and blockers would always be good. Zombie Infestation lets you discard your Curses to get Zombie blockers so that seems like a good plan. Bloodline Keeper helps with blocking too by covering the air with lots of little Vampire. A few One-Eyed Scarecrow’s pull double duty blocking on the ground and shrinking flyers.

Now I could have gone with a mono black deck but a bit of targeted removal seemed nice and two of the curses (Curse of the Pierced Heart and Curse of Bloodletting) fit the theme of the deck by using Curses to kill people and red does have some fun removal available. So add a bit of red and pop in some Brimstone Volleys and Bob is you proverbial Uncle. Top this off with some tutoring and card draw and we have the first draft of the deck idea. Now to build it and see how it does….. dying horribly seems likely.

  • 4 Curse of Misfortunes
  • 2 Curse of Thirst
  • 1 Curse of Exhaustion
  • 1 Curse of Echoes
  • 2 Curse of Bloodletting
  • 1 Curse of Death’s Hold
  • 1 Curse of Oblivion
  • 1 Curse of Stalked Prey
  • 1 Curse of the Bloody Tome
  • 1 Curse of the Nightly Hunt
  • 2 Curse of the Pierced Heart
  • 4 Elixir of Immortality
  • 2 Zombie Infestation
  • 2 Diabolic Tutor
  • 2 Bloodline Keeper
  • 3 One-Eyed Scarecrow
  • 2 Bloodgift Demon
  • 4 Brimstone Volley
  • 4 Dragonskull Summit
  • 11 Swamp
  • 7 Mountain
  • 2 Shimmering Grotto

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