Thoughts on ID Cards

Last week this article about the new Coalition ID Card scheme was pointed out to me. I went to read it in a rage that calmed down somewhat. As it was mentioned again on Twitter this morning, along with jibes at the Lib Dems I’m going to quickly note down my thoughts and why I’m less angry about it. First reason is this new scheme is aimed at online logins, it’s not an ID card you have to carry. Also the idea is that you sign up with an ID provider who verifies your ID and passed this verification to various websites, there isn’t a single point of verification but a selection to choose from. And chances are you’ve already signed up with one one of them as they are punting this to banks and credit card providers who have a vested interest in verifying your ID. Final point of difference, there is no central government database holding all your identity details. This was the main thing about the previous scheme that annoyed me, from both a civil liberties and technical perspective. Even if this was a full ID card scheme if it didn’t include said database I’d be less resistant to it.

Hope that helps.

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