Mental note

Ok me. I’m on holiday next week so the big fight scene we were running last night won’t be finished for two weeks.. a few things to remember:

  • There’s one Gutter runner left, for some reason the PC’s have been hitting them first. Wonder why?
  • The Rat Ogre is only a little bit hurt, Tanky the dwarf is starting to panic though
  • Tanky and the high priest of splattin stuff have had their actions this round.
  • As have the gutter runner, three of the squishy and (f)Rat boy the ogre
  • The photos were a good idea but didn’t turn out that great.

Yeah, that should do it.

Note for anyone else reading this, Tanky is a Dwarf Ironbreaker in Gromril armour who is learning some of the downside of singing the Song of Grungi all the time (or the song of hit me as the party have nick named it). Turns out having ALL the opponents having to target you can get a bit wearing. On the bright side they haven’t died yet…

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